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The term “passport” comes from “pass” and “port”. The word would come from the medieval document required to pass the gates of fortified cities.

In response to the theme of this year’s FRICTIONS programming, the theme I will interpret it as the situation that prevents movement.

For me, coming from a Third World country (or crappy country in contemporary language), the passport has always been an obstacle and not an element that allows movement. Passports from poor countries are a source of suspicion and additional control at the border.

Since 2001, crossing a border has become a stressful situation for a large portion of the population. The process of crossing a border begins when you complete the immigration form.

For the 2018 version of DARE-DARE Passport, I suggest visitors fill out an immigration form that contains questions about the topics that cross the mind of the person that travels the world with the stigma of having a cultural, national or racial identity that is problematic.

The questionnaire I am proposing consists of a series of questions which, by their very nature, can be answered by either no or yes. No matter what the visitor answers, the result will be the refusal to enter the room in question. And instead of passport control, a non-entry visa would be issued.

Photo credits, © Sarah Hautcoeur, Passeport DARE-DARE 2018.

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