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Filiation is an emotional bond between parents and children that are not always established correctly. Leaving children who do not see their parents as such or parents who do not see their children as theirs. Blood ties are not necessary to establish the feeling of filiation, filiation can be established with someone who correctly fulfills the role of parent.
In my case the filiation with my father did not occur, I did not feel identified with him and he did not see me as his son. This performance seeks to express that frustration and unload that violence in search of liberation.
Filiation for an artist can be the inspiration role of a painter, in this performance, I superimposed a picture of my father with a picture of the painter Anselm Kiefer. Kiefer is the painter that I would like to have been, but to define myself as a painter, I need to break that filiation.
The catharsis of this performance is produced by throwing dishes that crash into the image of the painter-father, and broken dishes fall on an image of Julian Schnabel, the painter who never wanted to be.

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