STATEMENT | What is an image?

My work seeks to glorify the image and at the same time to withdraw its power.

My practice is a reflection on issues of gender, identity and precariousness. The theme of precariousness you can find in my work is linked to emotional fragility, the ephemeral nature of existence and the vulnerability of the artistic experience. Precariousness is also manifested in materials, paper as support, in poor materials (wall painting, Sharpie marker, ballpoint pen), but also in more noble materials such as charcoal, India ink and pencil.

My work is usually painting, but also photography, installation and performance. My painting is a fast and urgent painting, close to the sketch. It is a painting that seeks to capture the moment, the impulse, both hasty and tired. This tired painting is a painting that does not want to be associated with trends, history or a particular figuration. It is not a painting that rejects, but a painting that seeks, that experiments.